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For a market-leading retail refrigeration equipment package, no-one has more (and varied) experience than us. With our all-inclusive enterprise hire solutions, we are establishing ourselves as the partner of choice for the most successful and innovative retailers in the UK and Ireland. Our unique approach is helping to reduce overheads, facilitate growth and sell chilled or frozen produce.

The needs of your business are at the heart of our retail fridge rental packages. After all, we want our services to work for you. Let us lift the burden of owning expensive capital equipment too. Our team takes control of all of the logistics, maintenance and branding (where applicable), so you don’t have to. By doing this, you are free to manage your costs and time in a much more effective way. 

Opening new stores? Existing fleet in need of an upgrade? Or maybe you have a seasonal promotion coming up? Our range of retail refrigerators and freezers caters for all business objectives. Not only that, but we have a level of industry expertise that’s without equal too. With an awareness of the challenges facing retailers, our knowledge helps us to deliver truly effective rental solutions.

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Retail Refrigeration: Our Enterprise Solutions

High Quality Equipment: Our range includes the leading retail display fridges and freezers on the market. We work with the world’s leading suppliers to make sure the refrigerated display cases we offer can’t be beaten on value or performance. In hand-picking products for our retail refrigeration range with care and precision, you can be sure that you’re getting a first-class solution.

Energy Efficiency: It’s not just about how retail refrigerators perform in terms of increasing sales and profits. With costs rising in the retail sector, our state-of-the-art products can help to keep your operational costs down. Our energy-efficient fridges and freezers use less power, which means you can save more on running costs. It all adds up over time to deliver substantial savings!

Service and Maintenance: We want to set your mind at rest. If you sell chilled food or drink, we know the smooth running of your fridges and freezers is a prime concern. If a unit breaks down, it can cause a huge headache. With our all-inclusive retail refrigeration solutions, it no longer has to be a problem! All service calls, all maintenance visits – all included as part of your hire contract.

Clear Cost Management: Did you know that we can make it easier to keep track of your finances. With our packages, we’ll set out your month-by-month costs in a clear, concise manner. And those costs are fixed for the length of your contract, with NO up-front capital needed and NO hidden charges either. After all, our team of retail specialists is here to help make your life easier.

To find out more about the potential of our expert retail fridge solutions, get in touch. Let our tailor-made packages drive your business forward today!

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For a market-leading retail refrigeration equipment package, no-one has more (and varied) experience than the Refrigeration Rentals team

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