Regional NHS Trust

Our customer is the Facilities Department at a regional NHS trust in the UK. It recently had significant pressure put on its capital budget – this forced the trust to postpone a planned capital expenditure programme. But it still had refrigeration needs in the short term, however, and they contacted us on that basis.

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Regional NHS Trust: Our solution

Our team put together an attractive rental proposition that allowed the Facilities Manager to take advantage of our flexible short-term refrigeration solutions when a unit breaks down or new demand arises. It lets the regional NHS trust maintain its services, while bypassing the need for lengthy capital expenditure approvals.

The trust has also witnessed first hand the benefits of our all-inclusive service package, when compared to traditional ownership models. If one of their own units breaks down, they have to call a service engineer to come and evaluate the situation, before quoting for repairs and sending an invoice that has to be processed by the admin and accounts team.

But, when a Refrigeration Rentals unit needs attention, that’s not the case. It’s much more simple – the trust just lifts the phone and an engineer is sent out to fix the unit on the spot. No quotes, no invoices, no admin – all service covered as part of the hire contract.

CONTACT US: 0800 148 8075 (UK) | 1890 846 846 (IRL) | Email Us