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We know that capital budgets in the public sector are becoming tighter. It means planned catering equipment and refurbishment programmes are pushed down the list of priorities. But we believe there is another way thanks to our public sector refrigeration solutions.

We’ve created our public sector fridge hire solutions with these challenges in mind. We can provide new equipment to a range of organisations – all without the need for capital investment. It has worked for numerous organisations – we’re sure it can work for yours too. We’re committed to meeting all your needs.

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Public Sector Refrigeration: Our solutions

We have experience in working with public sector bodies – acting as a trusted advisor and helping them keep up-to-date with the latest equipment. Our flexible public sector refrigeration solutions get equipment in place to meet short-term needs. And we also understand the challenges involved with large equipment fleets – so we’ll help devise solutions that suit specific demands.

We also work with catering contractors in the public sector. We help them to drive expansion, taking on multiple contracts at once. We offer the best range of commercial refrigeration in the UK and Ireland – a full package that includes fridges and freezers, as well as dishwashers, ovens, coffee machines and more. We can do this thanks to our Hire-Innovation family members.

Contact the our team today to find out more about our public sector rental solutions. We have worked with agencies and their catering contractors to deliver brand new equipment that is fit for purpose. We’re here to help and we’d be more than happy to discuss your needs – whatever they might be.

CONTACT US: 0800 148 8075 (UK) | 1890 846 846 (IRL) | Email Us

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