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20ft Outdoor Cold Storage Container Unit

20ft Outdoor Cold Storage Container Unit

Our mid-size temperature-controlled unit, the 20ft cold storage container is a brilliant solution for storing chilled or frozen goods. With an operating temperature of between -40oC and +30oC, you can use this unit to store a wide range of products. And, with its smart design, you can tailor a rental solution to create the extra space you need. It almost couldn’t be easier!

Now available for medium or long term rent, the 20ft cold storage container boasts a number of outstanding features. For safe use, there is an interior door release and a person trap alarm, as well as a flat anti-slip floor. The high insulation value, meanwhile, can help reduce your power use and energy bills as the machinery doesn’t have to work as hard.

HACCP-compliant, there’s almost no downtime or need for call outs with our cold storage units because of the power savings. You don’t need even ground or foundations either! With self-bearing on each corner, you’ll be able to set-up and install at a range of sites with ease. For a rental quote and for more details, contact us now.

Please Note: The minimum rental term for cold storage containers is six months

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  • High insulation value
  • Flat anti-slip aluminium floor
  • Easy, one-hand opening door with inbuilt lock
  • 220V LED fluorescent internal lights
  • Sliding strip curtain
  • Internal door opening
  • Person trapped alarm
  • Modern power-efficient machinery (many with datalogger)
  • Hygienic stainless steel interior panels
  • Robust MGSS stainless steel exterior
  • Internal fork truck/motorised pallet lifter use permitted
  • Ramp to 500kg
  • Self bearing on all four corners


20ft Cold Storage Container

  • External Dimensions (W x D x H): 2450 x 6058 x 2620 mm
  • Internal Dimensions (W x D x H): 2292 x 5427 x 2230 mm
  • Volume: 28.8m3
  • Power Supply: 380/440V 3 Ph

Additional Options

  • Remote monitoring
  • Loading bay height
  • External lighting at door end
  • Shelving, meat rails and other inventory
  • Multiple units can be stacked
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