Tesco BackIt to Help Smaller Food and Drink Producers

Tesco BackIt: A new platform to help smaller food/drink producers

It can be hard enough for established food and drink producers to launch new products onto the market. But what if you’re a startup or smaller firm? And what if you simply don’t have the same wealth of resources as your larger rivals? Well, it only makes it harder to get your latest products onto supermarket shelves. So, can a new platform – Tesco BackIt – even up this playing field?

Tesco BackIt is the brainchild, unsurprisingly, of the UK and Ireland’s largest supermarket. It aims to help customers uncover “great new products” from smaller food and drink companies just like yours. Tesco is working with Hubbub on the BackIt initiative to provide an innovative new way to connect with potential new customers. Could it be the making of your food and drink business?

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Tesco BackIt: How could the platform work for you?

Some of the campaigns to take advantage of the new Tesco BackIt platform

Tesco BackIt is a unique platform for businesses to tell their story and get their products noticed, as well as campaign for funding. For shoppers, it’s the chance to support smaller firms and bring innovative products to stores. And Tesco is also pledging to provide advice and mentoring too. If you’re an independent supplier, therefore, it could well prove to be the pathway to prosperity

Hubbub CEO Jonathan May said: “BackIt delivers value to the supplier by allowing exposure to a wide consumer base, delivers value to a consumer by allowing early access to great new products, and delivers value to Tesco by improving their supplier relations and better informing their buying decisions so they can better fit customer needs.”


Tesco BackIt: Just the start for your business hopes?

Just one example how we help producers take their own in-store space

BackIt could be an important foot in the door for getting your products onto the market – but it shouldn’t stop there. It’s vital to keep the momentum up with renewed innovation to help grow brand exposure further. After all, a recent IRI report reveals “new products are finding it harder and harder to get listings” as retailers ‘rationalise’ their ranges. That’s where we can help you.

Our display fridge rental solutions are ideal for companies who want to capitalise on the sales potential of their products. And that includes smaller companies like yours. Your product is four times more likely to grab the attention of shoppers in its own branded display area. And our services are here to empower you; to let you take your very own space in a retail store.

Maintenance, customisation or fleet management – there are NO logistics involved on your part. We take care of all that for you. And there’s NO capital investment required up front either so our hire deals won’t drain your hard-earned budget. We let you rent units you need, for the time you require, and to get the return on investment you want. It’s that simple, as it should be.

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