Bee Me Yogurt: A New Rental Proposition

Bee Me Yogurt: Award-Winning Frozen Yoghurt and Gelato

Bee Me Yogurt: the new rental proposition that delivers a high-performance, low-cost alternative to conventional ice cream machines. Think how Nespresso revolutionised coffee – it’s exactly what Bee Me is doing for frozen desserts. It’s compact, it’s healthy, it’s natural and it’s very, very tasty!

A Bee Me Yogurt machine can also have a significant impact on your business performance. The profit potential speaks for itself, but – like with all our fridge hire deals – you won’t need to find any up-front capital investment. Now this innovative concept is about to take Ireland by storm…

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Bee Me Yogurt: So, What Exactly Is It?

Bee Me Yogurt is a natural, healthy frozen dessert. It’s low in fat, free from GMOs and non-gluten. Oh, it’s also vegetarian-friendly! The dessert is created from real yogurt and skimmed milk. And it doesn’t just do frozen yogurt either. The machines can serve authentic Italian gelato too.

In total, there are four frozen yogurt flavours – Natural; Chocolate; Mixed Berries; and Mango and Passionfruit. Meanwhile, its two gelato varieties are Oreo/Stracciatella and Italian Pistachio. All that means there’s something for everyone, all created from an award-winning Italian recipe!

The figures behind Bee Me Yogurt are compelling. The machines can produce 250 portions every hour – with NO cleaning, NO waste, NO noise and NO product preparation. This means you’re able to generate up to 200% more profit than if you signed up with a leading ice cream provider.

Your Bee Me hire package also includes FREE marketing assets; service and maintenance at no extra cost; and installation. We’ll also show you how the machine operates, while a glass door LED freezer will be provided as standard too. It’s the latest addition to our range of unbeatable rental solutions.

Bee Me Yogurt: Single Portion Service

OK, let’s talk numbers for a moment.

If you charge €2.50 per portion and €0.50 per topping, the profit margin you’d achieve is an enticing 45%. It’d also mean you could pay back your machine by selling just THREE portions a day. Or, if you charged €3.50, a profit margin of 65% is possible; paying off the machine with only TWO daily sales.

After that, it’s all profit! Just remember: Your time and money are precious. Spend them on the things you love most…


  • Bee Me Yogurt rental packages are subject to a minimum term of 24 months

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