No-one has more experience of delivering retail fridge rental solutions across the UK and Ireland. All our packages are compiled with the explicit needs of your business in mind. Our packages include logistics, maintenance and branding, as well as full fleet management. It takes the stress and overheads out of equipment ownership. And with the highest quality fridges and freezers for hire, you can achieve excellent results for minimum cost.

We work with leading retailers across the UK and Ireland. Our market-leading refrigeration equipment has a low energy footprint to help your business reduce its energy costs. And all our retail fridge rentals customers can access our nationwide service access at no extra cost. Get maintenance when you need it, without the need to endure costly delays or stressful admin processes.

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Retail Fridge Rental: Our Solutions

The Refrigeration Rentals team supports some of the biggest names in retail. We can help you fulfil ambitious expansion plans – without the capital costs involved with acquiring equipment or increased service bills. Our out-of-the-box retail fridge rental solutions are flexible and we tailor each individual package to your needs. We’re helping to make it much simpler to do business in the competitive retail sector.

Our close partnership with Costan – one of the world’s foremost commercial fridge manufacturers – means we offer the best plug-in refrigeration units on the market. Our range of retail fridge rental products suits any space, any size and any season; from the chilled aisle to the promotional display near your store entrance. Got a specific need? We have the solution to match. We can make this cast-iron promise thanks to our expertise.

Call or email us today to find out more about our services. We are the first choice for top retailers across the UK and Ireland. If you’re expanding your equipment estate, we can help. Seasonal promotion? No problem! Our team knows how to provide the right solutions. Take full advantage of our retail fridge rental expertise and services – and see how simple it can be! We look forward to hearing from you…

CONTACT US: 0800 148 8075 (UK) | 1890 846 846 (IRL) | Email Us

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